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There is a better way ... 

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Editor's Note: Occasionally, an opportunity comes to our attention at The Market Holders we believe readers like you will find valuable. The message below from one of our partners is one we believe you should take a close look at.


Buy and Hold This Dividend Stock Forever...
and Leave It for Your Grandchildren
A Dividend Stock to Hold Forever Are you tired of your so-called "safe" income stocks slashing dividends while the share prices also fall?

There is a better way

I just revealed my safest, most reliable, and most consistent dividend stock - and it pays a sky-high yield with dividends paid EVERY month.

This company has also increased its monthly dividend twice every year for the past 8 years.

Tap here to reveal the name of this stock (free).

I use much of the same discipline and fortitude I acquired as an F-16 fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force to uncover strong companies with solid track records of dividend growth for my subscribers.

This stock is one of those rare finds that you can hold forever and pass down to your grandchildren. It should be a core position in every investor's portfolio.

Click here for more about this little-known income stock gem

Tim Plaehn Tim Plaehn
Former U.S. Air Force Captain
Lead Income Analyst
Investors Alley
P.S. In this zero interest rate environment, consistent and safe high yields can be tough to come by. But this dividend stock is a rare exception with 8 years of superior dividend growth.

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