Alert APP Example For WU

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End of Day Recap

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Alert APP Example For WU

Rick Saddler 9/23/22, 9:04 AM bought WU Nov puts 15 strike

Rick Saddler9/23/22, 9:11 AM WU trade logic video 9-23-22 https://www.screencast.com/t/Y8cgq4sZMIJ

Rick Saddler 9/23/22, 2:16 PM Closed 1/2 WU 9.5%

✅ Please note this was an actual trade

End of Day Recap

US Markets followed Europe and gapped significantly lower Friday (-0.97% on the SPY, -0.89% in the DIA, and -0.90% in the QQQ). The bears piled on to drive prices lower for the first half of an hour. All 3 major indices then ground sideways in a tight range until 11:30 am. The bears got their second wind and drove prices down another percent over the next hour. From 12:30 pm, we resumed a more volatile roller-coaster ride, reaching new lows about 3 pm and bouncing this last half of an hour. This action is giving us large, black, gap-down, daily candles that are working on a Bearish Doji Continuation candle pattern (with a large lower wick) in all 3 major indices.

With 30 minutes left, all 10 sectors are in the red, with Energy (-7.04%) being by far the biggest loser and Healthcare (-1.66%) holding up best. Meanwhile, the SPY is down 2.05%, DIA is down 1.82%, and QQQ is down 1.91%. The VXX is up almost 7% to 20.18, and T2122 can hardly get more oversold at 1.10. 10-year bonds have pulled back from early highs to 3.685%, and Oil (WTI) is off 5.5% to $78.89/barrel. All-in-all, it has been a brutal day to end a brutal week. However, we are getting VERY extended from the T-line (8ema) and the T2122 indicator at this point.

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