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How to Pursue Huge Upside with Much Less Risk

Zacks Member,

You've heard the stories about people becoming instant millionaires by picking the right cryptocurrency at exactly the right moment.

And you've probably also heard stories of people losing massive amounts of money on bad cryptos or bad timing. (Mark Cuban lost his entire stake in one coin as it crashed 100% in a single day.)

Fortunately, there's a way to target big gains from the crypto-craze with less volatility, less risk, and less reliance on "perfect" timing.

How? Well, by investing in blockchain, the technology that drives cryptocurrencies and a multitude of other cutting-edge applications. This space is predicted to explode from $7.2 billion in 2022 to $163.8 billion by 2029, an increase of +2,175%.

Some experts have said blockchain could become "10 times more valuable than the Internet."

Like the internet, it could be a once-in-a-generation opportunity for investors. In our Blockchain Innovators portfolio, we target stocks that could generate quick double- or triple-digit returns... or potentially quadruple-digit gains over the longer term.

In fact, we're currently riding 7 triple-digit gains including +210.3%, +245.3%, even +383.8%.¹ In this deeply undervalued market, I believe all 7 still have a long way to go.

It only costs $1 to follow these trades along with all of Zacks' real-time buys and sells for a full 30 days with no additional obligation.

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Bonus Until Midnight Sunday, September 11. When you take a look into Blockchain Innovators by then, you can download our Special Report on another fast-emerging industry - NFT Investment Guide: 5 Surprising Picks. It discloses 5 smart and unexpected ways to invest in this space that's also just starting to skyrocket. Already at $35 billion, it's projected to reach $80 billion by 2025.

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David Bartosiak
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