Can you guess this $2 stock?

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Can You Guess This $2 Stock?

By Alex Moschina, Associate Publisher

Alex Moschina

I'll start by saying... it's a well-known company you're almost guaranteed to know by name (Fortune magazine had it listed as one of the "Top 50 Most Admired Companies").

I bet you'd recognize their company logo in an instant.

Okay, here are some clues...

  1. They bring in billions through aerospace manufacturing... but also are on the cutting edge of nuclear power... batteries... machine learning... and artificial intelligence.
  2. Their income, including equity sales, was more than Disney's or Tesla's last year... and they have a sales backlog of over $75 billion... plus a Netflix-like revenue model estimated to add an extra $15 billion per year.
  3. Their stock is trading for less than $2.

It's not Lockheed Martin... Boeing... Northrop Grumman... or GE...

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P.S. Here are a few more clues...

  • The company is working on a nearly $5 billion-per-year project to build nuclear reactors for the United Kingdom.
  • They make jet engines for the Airbus A330, A340, A350 and A380... plus the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner.
  • They have a $2.6 billion deal to supply 650 F130 jet engines to the United States Air Force.
  • The company has built a new microgrid battery container that produces 14X more energy than a Tesla Model X.
  • They built a new engine for ships that uses methanol, which is both safer and easier to store than traditional fuels.

Think You Know the Answer? - Click Here

P.P.S. I'll even throw in a few more hints...

  • They build massive, 2,000-horsepower super-engines for leisure fishing boats and luxury yachts.
  • They're building hyper-quiet trains that reduce noise by 75%... while using up to 30% less fuel!
  • They supply propulsion systems for Svitzer tugboats in Brazil.
  • The company recently released the world's fastest all-electric plane.
  • They are working on giant electric passenger drones that may replace helicopters. These things can go 200 mph and are set to be released in 2024.
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