Golden Setups 22-09-22 (And LAST Day To Join The Coaching Program)

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this is Mike from www.PerfectTrendSystem.com.

The purpose of these weekly setup announcements (Golden Setups) is that you can activate your V-Power EA, Double Top/Bottom Alerter and Double Top/Bottom EA according to the announced setups. You can use the setups as a guidance for your trading and you should still make your personal judgement.


The onboarding for the 3-month-coaching program is coming to an end. Only 1 day is remaining to join. You will join a small elite group of traders and you will learn 2 COMPLETELY NEW WAYS how you can detect highest probability winning trading setups! You can join and test the coaching 2 weeks. If it's not for you then you can simply get a refund.

Here is the link: Join the Coaching Program today!

What you will get:
  • 40 hours of coaching + trade setups (3 days per week 1 hour coaching)
  • 90 days access to an elite telegram group
  • LIFETIME access to a special coaching area on the website
  • you will learn 2 new trade entry styles which no member knows until now
  • you will get a special ExpertAdvisor (life-time usage)
  • you will get a special Indicator (life-time usage)
  • setup announcements
  • you can ask questions and have an impact on the learning topics

In the Ultimate Coaching Program you will learn how to detect mini-bubbles and mini-crashes in detail and with live charts.

You will also learn 2 completely new entry methods into these high probability reversal setups.

The following sketch shows the blue print of a mini-bubble which you will give you a huge edge over the market. There is a mechanical way to detect them:

Hundreds of hours of coaching material is waiting for you and 3 new coaching sessions will be done every week. Look what members of the coaching are saying:


We have published many high probability trading chances which you can use to trade with V-Power and Double Top/Bottom!

Therefore, activate your alert indicators (V-Power and DTB) and receive the signals in real-time! :)

Read everything here: Highest Probability Trading Setups (click here)

You can meet 900+ fellow traders in the private V-Power group where Thorsten and other experienced members discuss and announce setups every day.

V-Power can give you alerts in real-time or enter automatically for you into the announced setups while you are at your day job!

Read everything about V-Power and download the free version: V-Power Semi-Automatic Trading (click here)

STME Setups

Maybe you didn't know that we also have a very active trading group which trades a trend based trading system called "Strong Trends with Magic Entries" (STME).

Our STME-coach Andro and experienced members are posting and discussing setups every day and educate you for free.

The STME group is one of the most active telegram groups where multiple live trade entries are posted every day, and you can join it here: Join The STME Group (FREE)

You can download the free version of the STME system and join the telegram group here: Test The STME  System

By joining our telegram groups you will also benefit from many live trade announcements which the members often post in real-time.

Best regards,
- Mike Semlitsch

P.S. Do you know of anyone who's into trading? Then forward them this email.

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