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Rick Saddler

Hello, Fellow Trader

The uncertainties in the world today are providing significant opportunities in the markets right now for both bulls and bears. However, it is more important than ever to get clear, concise information to help you firm up your trading plan.

I want to personally invite you to join me on September 24 at the Online Traders Summit. This is a must-see event that features eight trading professionals who are eager to share their market insights. I will be presenting: "9 Pro Tips to Make Swing Trading Simple."

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In this presentation, I will cover 9 Pro Tips that have made Trading easier to understand and trade for profits. These 9 Pro Tips have become the staple for seasoned trades and have helped new and struggling traders take the next step, even leaps.

When you leave my presentation, you will have the tools to begin your journey to becoming a successful trader.

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About Rick Saddler

Rick Saddler has been an employee and a business owner. He had a dream to quit his day job and learn to trade the stock market. Rick is living that dream. Rick also wanted to help others avoid some of the difficult lessons he learned along the way, so he founded Hit and Run Candlesticks.

Now every day in the Hit and Run Candlesticks live trading room. Rick shares with others what he learned. Most importantly, you could enter a short-term trade with low-risk, grab your profits after a successful swing, and sleep well at night. His bottom line has become "simplicity equals success."

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September 24th Online Traders Summit Schedule

10:00 am ET | Rick Saddler | "9 Pro Tips to Make Swing Trading Simple"

11:00 am ET | Guy Cohen | "The 'Big Money' Strategy Live Workshop"

12:00 pm ET | Daniel Sinnig | "Cheating Your Way to Profit: Know Your Odds Before Entering a Trade"

1:00 pm ET | Oscar Carboni | "Technical Analysis is King"

2:00 pm ET | Jeff Gibby | "Finding the Right Strategy for You"

3:00 pm ET | Melissa Armo | "Trade on the Side of Institutional Money"

4:00 pm ET | Steve Primo | "2 Edges To Help You Survive Any Market"

5:00 pm ET | Barry Burns | "Timing Your Trades for Accurate Exits and Entries"

The times, dates and speakers are subject to change.

Bonus Items

Many presenters are offering bonus items to everyone who registers. Find out more about the bonus items.

Also, all registrants will receive recordings of the presentations. Register here.

We expect this event on September 24th to reach capacity. Register now to save your spot. For more info call +1-801-506-0900 or Chat Live with a product professional.


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