Market Wrap-Up with Stephen Bigalow

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Important updates from Stephen W. Bigalow and the Candlestick Forum Team

Market Wrap-Up with Stephen Bigalow

Strong trade entries are enhanced when knowing the general direction of the markets. Strong trade entries are greatly improved by knowing what the results are of a candlestick signal or pattern...

Steve's Market Direction - Full Article & Video

September 22nd Live Online Workshop with Stephen Bigalow

Day/Date: Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Time: 7:00 pm Central (8:00 pm Eastern)

"High Probability Entry Strategies"

Steve will discuss how to:

  • Dramatically improve your trading results with the exact timing entries
  • Anticipate signal and pattern confirmations that produce the potential of big price moves.
  • Gain insights that will have a major impact on your trading. Common sense trading perspectives are built into candlestick signals.
  • and much more...

The event is FREE of Charge

Registration Required. Click Here to Register.

Saturday Spotlight: The Ultimate Candlestick Training

Join us for a full day of Training.

Title: "The Ultimate Candlestick Training"

Day/Date: Saturday, September 22nd, 2022

Time: 9:00 am Central (10:00 am Eastern)

Steve will show us:

  • Analyze the general market trend, to determine whether to be establishing long or short positioning.
  • Recognize top-ranked candlestick signals that will produce the strongest trades setups.
  • Recognize the strongest pattern breakout setups.
  • Utilize the most relevant support and resistance levels that everybody else is watching.
  • and much more...

Registration Required - Click here to register.

2-Week Trial Offer
Join me in the Candlestick Forum Member's Area for a full 2-week trial

Member & Public Stock Chat Sessions

Live Chat Session tonight at 7pm central, open to the public. No registration or password is required. Click here to join.

Members Only Chat Sessions - Monday evenings at 7PM Central (8PM Eastern). Link to login page is located in the members area.

Public Stock Chat Sessions - Thursday evenings at 7PM Central (8PM Eastern). Chat room opens approximately at 6:45 PM Central (7:45 PM Eastern).
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