Protect Your Portfolio by Selling These Stocks Now

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Protect Your Portfolio by Selling These Stocks Now

Kevin Matras - Editor

Hello Fellow Investor,

With the stock market in bear market territory and inflation raging at the highest rate in years, many investors wonder . . .

Will the market get worse before it gets better?

The truth is, America's economy is stronger than most news headlines would have you believe. But there are significant threats looming that could cause real damage to your portfolio.

Selling today's most vulnerable stocks is one of the most profitable things you can do right now. So how do you know which stocks to get rid of?

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Right now, our proprietary indicator is flashing red on 220 stocks - and many of them will shock you.

Stocks marked by this indicator historically perform 3.5 times worse than the market. In current conditions, it could get even uglier.

Today, I am offering access to this list of stocks absolutely FREE, but you have to act now.

Your chance to see these dangerous stocks is available TODAY ONLY - Friday, September 23

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