Why You Should Come To The Extreme Profits free webinar

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Exciting details inside

I've talked before about how Extreme Profits techniques can create wild equity swings. But there is a way to use the concepts and dramatically increase your profits without all the wild swings.

This adaptation of the Extreme Profits techniques will likely double your profits from your trading will just a teeny bit more volatility in your equity. I'm going to show you how in the webinar.

In other words, this webinar is for all stock traders! No matter what your style is!

Here's what we will cover in our upcoming Kelly Formula and Extreme Profits webinar:

  • How Kelly can dramatically increase trading profits
  • What are the pitfalls of Kelly and how can you overcome the pitfalls
  • How to use Kelly in normal trading but still double your profits
  • How to construct your personal Kelly Matrix
  • How to constantly be improving your Kelly profits

There has never been a webinar that covered Extreme Profits in this detail.

The Webinar is September 26 at 8 pm ET.

Click here to register now!

There will be a replay but ONLY for those who register! So register now!

I'll see you on the webinar!

Good extreme profits trading,

Courtney Smith


Wealthbuilder LLC
6671 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
United States
(702) 722-4584

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