116% Is Just the Beginning

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Don't Miss Out on the Next Monster Gain

Zacks Member,

Doubling your money in this market is a major accomplishment. That's why we're celebrating with members of the Blockchain Innovators portfolio, who had the chance to bank +116.4% on Danaos last week.

This big gain is exciting, but it's far from an isolated case. There are currently 7 open positions in Blockchain Innovators that are up triple-digits right now.

And David Bartosiak just added a big data firm as his brand-new pick on Friday that could be his most profitable recommendation yet. This big data firm provides infrastructure for blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech companies.

Now you can look into every potentially massive winner in the Blockchain Innovators portfolio for just $1.

I look forward to celebrating the next monster gain with you.

All the Best,

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Kevin Matras

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