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What is the best way to learn how to trade?

I think the best way is to sit next to a pro trader and watch and listen and ask questions.

I didn't have such a luxury. I had to learn through trial and error. So that means that it took me about 15 years before I would say I was competent. Sure, I made money before that but I largely didn't know what I was doing. I did a few things right which saved my bacon many times. But I didn't really know deep down what I was doing.

There were few books on trading in the 1970s and I basically didn't meet any other traders until the late 1970s and they weren't pros, just amateurs.

Finally, in the early 1980s, I got to work with some pro traders. I was able to watch them and learn from them. I was able to take what I already knew and really integrate it and my profits took off to the stratosphere.

For me, the key was being able to sit next to other pro traders.

But where can you find such a situation? It's very hard to get a job as a pro trader. So how can you sit next to a pro trader and look over their shoulder to learn how to trade?

Here's what I can do for you.

We are just launching a new trading program called My Money Making Machine (MMMM). The first thing that happens is that you get access to our amazing online course, How To Quit Your Job Trading Stocks and Options (TSO). But that is only the beginning.

Then you and I and few other people will get together live on Tuesday and Thursdays for 8 weeks one half hour before the stock market opens.

I'll go through my analysis and construct my personal trades right in front of your eyes. You will watch everything I do.

I'll be using the techniques taught in the TSO course and then live trading them. You will be there live!

Also, the sessions are interactive. Have a question? Ask it! I'm there to answer those questions.

I'll also be showing you nuances and enhancements of the techniques taught in the course.

This is a rare opportunity to study and learn sitting virtually next to a pro trader. Don't miss this opportunity.

But here's the deal. We are starting the live sessions next Thursday June 2 so time is running out on signing up. You don't want to miss any session.

The program will run for 8 weeks and then we will decide if we want to do it again. Frankly, I'm not sure. So this may be the only time we run this program.

Click here to learn more and apply for a seat. There is a limited number of seats so that the live sessions can be more powerful

I look forward to working with you to change your life!

Good live trading,

Courtney Smith

P.S. Time and seats are limited so click here now to apply!


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