? #1 Threat to Your Money NOW

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Your money is in grave danger.

The danger is here right now. And it's already hitting hard.

I'm talking about inflation — not just the rapid inflation that's already bursting onto the scene, but much, much worse.

Inflation that rips through the savings of average Americans like a paper shredder.

Inflation that guts the portfolios of investors, even when the stock market goes up.

Inflation that guts their portfolios again when stocks crash.

This danger should be abundantly obvious to everyone. It's all over the news.

I know. It's shocking.

But what's even more shocking is the fact that most people are still so complacent about the truly dangerous inflation that's rearing its ugly head today.

They didn't live through the 1970s, when folks waited in gas lines for long hours just to top off their tanks … when the value of supposedly ultrasafe Treasury bonds plunged by more than half and … when the price of gold surged 2,324%.

They didn't live through the inflation that gutted the economy of Brazil in the 1970s and Argentina in the 1980s …

Destroying the savings of millions of middle-class citizens …

Bankrupting their governments, and …

Tearing apart the fabric of society.

Hundreds of millions of Americans going about their daily business today are oblivious to the torrid past of inflation.

Fewer still believe anything vaguely similar might be possible today.

They have not yet learned the lessons of history.

The solution for investors?

It's quite simple, actually: Assets you can easily buy that have consistently surged when inflation rises and skyrocketed when inflation surges.

To get all the details, watch my just-released video, The Collapse of 2022.


Good luck and God bless!



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