3 stocks to watch for next week

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One of the biggest rallies I've seen, but how long will it last?

Hey Traders,

Got a big update for you today after yesterday's big rally — one of the biggest I ever remember seeing!

It's not going to last, because it was an overreaction, but let's talk about why and what to do about it.

Oh, and in this video, I share THREE stock tickers that I'm long on for you to watch closely next week.


Also, don't forget:

I've spotted a huge opportunity in the housing market that will crush a lot of people, but really help traders who are ready for it.

Here's a full breakdown of what I'm expecting

Hope you check it out.

Trade well,


P.S.: I'm going to be LIVE at 10:00 AM ET tomorrow morning. More details to come, but mark your calendars and make sure you can be there!



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