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Hey Friend,

As much as I wish I could work one-on-one with every single student I've had over the years, I know that dream isn't a reality.

First of all, there's not enough time in the day. Second, I wouldn't be able to travel to every corner of the world to meet with all the traders in my community, and third, not everyone can afford to pay $10,000 for us to sit down together. I get it!

That's why I've designed the Wavy Tunnel PRO Accelerated Trading & Mentorship Program to include some time with me. Everyday for 5-days you'll get 3 hours' worth of dedicated Q&A sessions with me. PLUS, I will fund your account.

I like to think of this as my virtual office hours. I really enjoy "virtually sitting down" with my students. The traders get nearly all the same benefits of the in-person one-on-one sessions, but we're meeting virtually in our training webinar room for 5-days instead.

As a professional with over 30+ years of trading experience, I find it thrilling to be able to answer all the questions that are fired at me during these live Q&A sessions.

If you're looking for the opportunity to enjoy my personal attention on Elliott Wave, Harmonics, Fibonacci, and our Wavy Tunnel PRO strategy without the high dollar price tag, then I want to invite you to join our 5-day Accelerated Training beginning February 26th.

By joining the upcoming, Wavy Tunnel PRO Accelerated Training, you'll receive the following:

  • Black Friday Discount - use code: 300OFF
  • Access To The Brand New Scanner
  • Funded Account
  • The actionable Trade with Confidence Videos - EARN While You Learn!
  • The Psychology Podcasts
  • The Trading Rooms
  • PLUS Your 5-day Trainings with live Q&A sessions starting February 26th, where we will cover:
  • Elliott Wave Series
  • Fibonacci Primer
  • Wavy Tunnel PRO Strategy
  • Harmonic Patterns

Click here to get the details.

The goal for these sessions is to have you understand how the waves in the market follow scientific, predictive, and repetitive patterns that you can see directly from the Wavy Tunnel PRO strategy in order for you to make more profitable trades, waste less time, and make more money instantly!

You now have the opportunity to get the best pricing with our Black Friday offer, use Discount Code: 300OFF before midnight Monday, November 28, so go now...

Get the Wavy Tunnel PRO Accelerated Training Details Here.

See you on the inside!

Best Regards,

Jody Samuels

Founder, FX Trader's EDGE

P.S. Do you have questions about the 5-Day Wavy Tunnel PRO 2023 Accelerated Trading & Mentorship program? Just hit reply to this email and ask your questions. I'll get back to you ASAP.

Trading is risky and only risk capital should be used.


FX Trader's EDGE 3093 Bathurst Street Suite #580 Toronto, Ontario M6A 0A2 Canada (416) 806-5321

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