🎥 Election Results Are In (Kind Of)

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Legendary Investor Paul Tudor Jones Predicts "Violent Death" for Putin

Putin Stressed

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Few people know this, but Putin just made the single biggest mistake of his life. It's not invading Ukraine... but it could have a profound effect on world markets. A market expert breaks down the opportunity here.

Election Results Are In... What Does It Mean for Your Money?

Rebecca Barshop, Senior Managing Editor, The Oxford Club

State of the Market video

Preliminary election results are in, and Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld is here to tell you how it will affect your investments.

Based on what we know about the polls, there are a lot of people who think America righted the ship, many who truly fear the direction that our country is headed, and some who are still trying to make heads or tails of things.


A New Way to Own Gold

Chances are that if you own gold... you don't own it the right way.

There's a new way to do it.

And thanks to a special meeting on December 14, I'm convinced this is the only way you should own gold.

All the details of why it's so important are at this link.

Regardless, one thing is for sure...

Our politics have gotten nuttier than a jar of Planters.

So whether you're elated, despondent, ambivalent or anything in between about the election, here's what you need to do with your money.

Watch State of the Market

Billion-Dollar Crypto Fund Dumps Bitcoin for $2 "3rd-Gen" Crypto

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Will This Be 10X Bigger Than Bitcoin?

Have you seen Andy Snyder's #1 pick for this crazy market?

It's not a stock... or a cryptocurrency.

Rather, it's a completely new type of investment that could grow 10X bigger than Bitcoin... Ethereum... and ALL the other cryptocurrencies... COMBINED.

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