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URGENT PRICE UPDATE: Wall Street Projects $30 Stock to Move to $280 in 18 Months.

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The spiraling European energy crisis has a silver lining... Wall Street says it could drive one stock from $30 to $280 in just 18 months. Find out why right here.

A Great Company With an Interest Rate Tailwind

Jody Chudley, Contributing Analyst, The Oxford Club

Jody Chudley

Skyrocketing interest rates have become a major headwind for consumers, corporations and the stock market.

But not for the financial services firm that we're evaluating today, which is a major beneficiary of rising rates.

Yet, despite the company seeing rising rates drive earnings higher, its share price is down this year! Because a bear market takes no prisoners...

This company provides online brokerage services for retail customers and works with registered investment advisors through its institutional services platform.

It has grown to become a very big business. In total, it now manages an astounding $6.6 trillion worth of assets.

But the company's business model is highly sensitive to interest rates.

It makes money much like a bank. It pays customers a modest amount for cash they have on deposit. Then it earns a profit by reinvesting that cash at higher rates.

While a bank mainly reinvests that cash by lending it out as mortgages and other loans, this company simply invests it into risk-free Treasurys.

The zero interest rate policy of the Federal Reserve in recent years has been a big drag on this company's earnings. It hasn't been able to earn a decent profit margin reinvesting customers' cash.

Now, this year has been a different story. The return that it can earn by holding Treasurys has gone up exponentially.

Let's look at the U.S. five-year Treasury bond, for example, which started this year paying 1.25%.

It now offers 4.36%. As I said, an exponential increase!

Chart: 5-Year Yield on U.S. Treasury Securities

The company's financials reflect this improvement.

And that's why its stock is undervalued.



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Recession? Depression? You Haven't Seen Anything Yet!

Bad news... the worst of this mess could still be to come.

That's because I expect horrific news to erupt from a secretive closed-door meeting on December 14.

What comes out of it could shake the very economic foundation of this nation.

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