Literally pays to listen to this expert. | 2 November

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Here is an interesting offer from our partners:

There's one expert I recommend listening to in this market...

In the words of her readers:

"She doesn't sensationalize or create fear."

Which is a rare thing these days...

And yes, her honesty's refreshing. Plus, those who heed Nomi Prins' predictions tend to make a lot of money in the process.

This PhD and former Wall Street executive successfully predicted:

  • 2021: Record high inflation
  • 2020: The Covid crash (a full 44 days in advance)
  • 2019: Record stock buybacks
  • 2018: Green energy boom
  • 2017: Gold's meteoric rise from $1,000

In this video, Nomi's making one of the biggest calls of her career...

But this time... it's no prediction.

It's 100% guaranteed to happen.

Join her, live, at the first gas station in America... to have no more gasoline.

That's all the gas... completely gone.

And according to Nomi... it's set to happen to up to 500,000 more stations across America.

See for yourself... with her on-the-scene report...
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