The single best 10% yield in the market?

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The single best 10% yield in the market?

Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher, Monument Traders Alliance

Ryan Fitzwater

I've got an amazing stock story for you today.

It's a company that's seeing massive sales growth... 2,400% since 2020.

It pays a giant dividend of 10%.

The stock is actually up this year... having risen 50% while most of the market got crushed.

But here's what's maybe the craziest part.

Because of a rare situation unlike anything we've ever seen, Wall Street is now projecting a massive rise for this stock over the next 18 months.

The consensus analyst price targets for the $30 stock are now up to $280.

MarketBeat = $280 = 862.86% Upside

How is that possible?

Well, when you see what this company actually does, you will understand.

They are currently involved in what might be one of the single best profit margin businesses I've ever seen.

Watch this video for the full explanation of this business. It truly is groundbreaking.

Yours in smart speculation,

Ryan Fitzwater Signature

Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher
Monument Traders Alliance

P.S. Ok, just a little hint.

The company buys one thing for $40 million and sells it elsewhere for $240 million... potentially generating $200 million in profit every time they do it.

See this amazing "arbitrage" opportunity right here.

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