This week’s market review (4 stocks to watch)

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What to expect ahead of the Fed meeting

Greetings traders,

As we all know, there is a lot of U.S. news to pay attention to over the next several weeks.

It all starts with the Fed rate hike Wednesday afternoon. Last time, the market reacted positively, even though the rate increased. So don't assume to know what will happen before the market actually reacts.

Then, next week, there's the election on Tuesday and a new CPI number on Thursday.

It's a lot to get prepared for. Which is why it's good to have our research on your side.

Once again, last week's market review was spot on in that the upward retracement has continued.

The upward retracement still has legs, but from our Dashboard analysis, we think it will be a short-term phenomenon lasting not more than a few more weeks.

OVI participation is still patchy, while certain indicators suggest exhaustion is not far away.

Of course, things may change, so we do need to be fluid, and in the meantime, trade the prevailing conditions.

In practical terms, that means protecting profits very quickly in the context of our EDGE trade plan.

You can start by focusing on our weekly watchlist:


Here's hoping you have a great week and I wish you a lot of success in the markets.


Guy Cohen

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