✔ We told you about our losses

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✔ We told you about our gainers

November 10, 2022

  1. We told you about our losses (see below)
  2. We told you about our gainers (see below)
  3. We currently are holding 4 long positions
  4. Each one we sent an alert to members
  5. CGC + 16.67%
  6. TYRY +16.15%
  7. WFC + 19.37%
  8. PTON + 25.25%

Hi Friend, would you be interested in trades like this delivered to your smartphone when you can't be in the trading room?

Please read more below

✅ Thursday 11/10/22

We closed all shorts out this morning, yes with a loss. Our longs have almost made up the difference. Sometimes a scratch day is a win.

We started the Lifetime project with 25 spot available we are now down to 17

✅ Trades this week

✔ Alerted Members and bought GDX

  • Closed GDX for a 32% profit

✔ Alerted Members and bought MRO

  • Closed MRO for a 25.6% profit

✔ Alerted Member and bought SLB

  • Closed SLB for a 33% profit

✔ Alerted Members and bought GOOG

  • Closed GOOG for a 29% profit

Lifetime Membership To Hit and Run Candlesticks

  • Includes Members trade Alert APP
  • Includes Members Trade Logic Video
  • Includes Free Private Coaching
  • Please see more below
  • Lifetime membership offered in the past for over 6K
  • We have 19 spots for less than 2K
  • Please see more below

Click and See Lifetime Membership

  • Only 17 Spots Available as of 11-10-22 ✅

What You Receive ASAP

  1. Access to Daily Trading Room, Tuesday e-learnings, and Community
  2. 1 Hour of coaching with Rick Saddler
  3. HRC Trade Alert App (Alerts sent as we make the trades)
  4. Trade Logic Videos (Sent after each trade explaining the logic a fantastic learning tool)
  5. Bullish and Bearish 3/8 Trap Trade Strategies (With complete details and trading tips)
  6. Bullish and Bearish RBB Trade Strategies (With complete details and trading tips)
  7. Swing Trading the Trend with proven chart patterns and setups
  8. Chart reading and analysis training ("How to" and tips)
  9. Trade Planning and Management for higher success probability training
  10. Candlestick and price action nuances, tips and tricks
  11. Bullish J-Hook Pattern e-book
  12. Trading Rules to Survive e-book a $150 Value– Bullish W Pattern e-book
  13. Bearish M Pattern e-book
  14. Bearish h Pattern e-book
  15. Bullish Head and Shoulders Pattern e-book
  16. Bearish Head and Shoulders Pattern e-book
  17. Bullish Cup and Handle Pattern e-book
  18. Bearish Blue Ice Failure Pattern e-book
  19. The Successful Traders Handbook e-book
  20. Trends with Benefits Trading Strategy Course
  21. Pop Out of the Box Trading Strategy Course
  22. Sharpen Your Edge with StochasticsRSI Trading Course
  23. Road-trip with Continuation Patterns Trading Strategy Course
  24. Pinball Setup Trading Strategy Course
  25. Leveraging Fibonacci Trading Course Course
  26. 3 Month Free Trial of Live Trading Alerts Scanning / Alerting Software
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