We’re Screwed

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Check out this urgent message from our friend Andy Snyder from Manward Press. There are big headwinds facing the markets and the economy. And Andy is convinced something big could happen on December 14 .

- Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher

We're Screwed

Bad news... we're screwed.

The United States is in one hell of a trap. We owe $31 trillion... much of it to our enemies.

Soaring interest rates are making that debt exponentially harder to pay off.

In the simplest of terms, the snowball is plummeting down the hill. There's no stopping it.

Uncle Sam's interest costs are set to triple over the next decade - up to nearly $3 billion each day. It will happen even sooner if the Fed continues to push rates higher.

That's why I'm convinced something big could happen on December 14.

It's getting desperate. Something must give.

If you own stocks, bonds or even have cash in the bank, you must pay attention.

There are some critical moves that I think you need to take... right away.

I've put all the details (including the full history) at this link.

This could all unfold in a matter of weeks.

You must hurry.

See the crazy thing that could happen next here.

Be well,

Andy Snyder
Founder, Manward Press

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