The energy story the media WON'T cover...

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The energy story the media WON'T cover...

Dear Reader,

Energy is in the news… from gas prices…

To the "Green New Deal"…

You may have even heard the reports about the breakthrough in nuclear fusion… and how it could change energy forever.

But there's an even BIGGER energy story that's NOT in the news…

It's a type of energy-producing plant that can power one million homes

With 10,000 times LESS land than a wind farm of equal size.

1,000 times LESS land than solar.

And 1/10th the size of most nuclear plants.

No wonder the U.K. has signed a deal with the company behind these power plants through 2050... a deal worth $5 billion per year!

In short, the company behind this innovation could make a fortune...

Which is why Head Fundamental Tactician Karim Rahemtulla says this is the #1 stock on his wish list.

At just $1… it's a steal…

Especially because Karim thinks it could go to $20… even $50… and STILL be a bargain!

If you're looking to own a wonderful company... at an even better price... then this is it.

Discover the Amazing Company (BEFORE Wall Street Sends it Surging!)

Yours in smart speculation,

Ryan Fitzwater Signature

Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher
Monument Traders Alliance

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