The Final Trading Days of 2022

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The Final Trading Days of 2022

by: Charles Sizemore | Chief Editor, The Banyan Edge

December 26, 2022

Banyan Nation,

At long last, 2022 will soon come to a close.

It’s almost hard to believe how much happened in these 247 trading days … and hopefully, not much more will happen in the final four ahead this week.

  • The start of the first bear market since the Great Financial Crisis…

  • Both the highest inflation, and the sharpest increase in interest rates, in 40 years…

  • A cascade of dominoes falling in crypto-land, where corrupt exchanges and bankrupt lenders went belly-up…

  • The dawn of the new energy bull market

All of it has turned the financial world inside-out and upside-down.

And yet, at the same time, it feels as if we’re just setting the stage for 2023.

A colleague of mine shared this chart from Bloomberg recently, and I think it’s important to have in mind as we enter next year.

It shows that two consecutive down years for U.S. stocks are exceedingly rare. But, should we see another down year next year, it could make the losses this year look tame.

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Granted, these are the losses seen in the broad stock market. Another down year doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

Every bear market has stocks that break from the pack and rise … and losers that fall even further than the benchmarks.

Our mission here at Banyan Hill is to help you find the winners and avoid the losers.

And what we have in store this week is all about doing just that…

5 Inflation-Busting Stocks

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Consumer goods prices are soaring … and you’re paying the price. But you can fight back with a class of stocks that beats back inflation, stagflation and … yes, even recessions … by giving investors exactly what they need: recurring income. I’ve uncovered five of the very best inflation-busting stocks … including a stock with a massive 14% yield that’s so consistent with its payouts, I call it my “sure thing.”

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The Week Ahead in Banyan Edge

Every week in The Banyan Edge is an opportunity for our experts to share their newest ideas for beating the market. The week ahead is no different…

Ian King will take a different look at the oil markets on Tuesday, showing how higher oil prices will fuel another big boom in a sector that’s quietly performed well in 2022…

On Wednesday, Charles Mizrahi will share a top story from the headline, and deliver his thoughts on why investors are missing the real story lurking underneath…

Mike Carr went a different direction with his piece for last week, focusing on why you should avoid the “bargains” the bear market has provided. But he’s picking apart energy stocks valuations, as originally promised, this Thursday.

And finally, Adam O’Dell will echo Ian King’s thoughts on the opportunity in renewable stocks. Adam is no one-trick pony, and knows that there’s money to be made in both sectors as the energy story continues to unfold.

With our offices closed today and last Friday, we’re taking a rare break on this week’s Banyan Edge Podcast. We’ll be back with you next Monday, looking ahead to the themes to follow in 2023, so this isn’t something you’ll want to miss.

Happy Holidays and Happy Trading,

Charles Sizemore's Signature
Charles Sizemore
Chief Editor, The Banyan Edge

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