2 Words to Help You Thrive in 2023

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Note from Charles Sizemore, Chief Editor, The Banyan Edge: In just a few short minutes, trading systems wizard Adam O’Dell is going live with his chief research analyst, Matt Clark, to show you his most prized moneymaking method.

It involves three rapid-fire, high-octane trades he recommends every single Monday … before flipping them on Wednesday with the goal of helping his subscribers make 100% on their money (or much more.)

Below, Matt Clark boils this system down to two words that should guide your investing journey in 2023…

I’ll give you a hint now: The acronym is “AI,” but it has NOTHING to do with computers…

The 2 Words That Will Help You Thrive in 2023

by: Matt Clark, | Chief Research Analyst, Money & Markets

January 18, 2023

Banyan Nation,

Today, I want to share something that’s weighed heavily on my mind over the last few months: Making 2023 one of the most profitable years for you.

That’s not a hyperbole. It’s something me, Adam O’Dell and our entire team thinks about every single day.

Now there’s no getting away from the fact that last year was rough for investors.


Recession fears…

Stocks falling…

It wasn’t pleasant, and every investor on Wall Street or Main Street experienced it.

We were right along with you.

The biggest unknown here isn’t why the market fell last year … but how long will the bear market last?

I’m reminded of concepts we’ve talked about before … one in particular that I’ll get to in a minute.

But first, let me show you how to turn this volatility into a blessing, rather than a curse

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Markets Don’t Move in Straight Lines

My years as a financial research analyst have taught me one undeniable fact: Stocks and markets don’t move in straight lines.

There are outlier years, like 2017, where stocks did almost nothing but go up.

And there are years like 2008, which started off with “death by a thousand cuts” and ended with a brutal crash.

But in between years like these … and even down to the intraday moves… There are hills and valleys.

And in these hills and valleys is where SERIOUS money can be made.

Here’s what I mean:

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(Click here to view larger image.)

This is a chart of the S&P 500 over the last year.

While the move from point A to point B was down, you’ll notice there were three separate bear market rallies.

These uptrends handed some investors phenomenal gains … if they knew how to trade them.

And if you zoom in even further, you can see all the brief spikes that make up those longer trends.

These days, where the market rises 1%, 2% or more… Those can translate into triple-digit percentage gains in a matter of days, even hours.

This leads me to…

Stubborn Investors Will Pay the Price

I remember something Adam O’Dell wrote to his Green Zone Fortunes subscribers in July last year.

He was telling readers about adjusting stop-losses and introduced the concept of Adaptive Investing™ — the two words that will help you thrive in 2023:

In short, [Adaptive Investing] means we change our actions … as the market changes.

Stubbornness is a slippery slope: The more you dig your heels in, the worse your situation becomes if your actions don’t match reality.

Adapting is the opposite of stubbornness!

There’s a lot of truth to those words.

Take for example the 60/40 portfolio — where you invest 60% of your portfolio in stocks and the other 40% in bonds.

Vanguard says that its portfolio lost 16% in 2022 … the second-worst year since 1976.

Things aren’t looking much better to start 2023. Inflation is still at 40-year highs, the Federal Reserve hasn’t signaled it’s ready to start cutting interest rates again and companies are taking drastic measures to stay profitable.

Does this mean you should abandon your 60/40 portfolio? That’s something you have to decide.

But if things aren’t looking any better for 2023 and you want to grow your portfolio, it‘s time to adapt.

Remember, those uptrends in the market last year gave some investors strong gains, but only if they knew how to trade them.

Well, Adam has the right formula to do just that.

And he’s going to share it with everyone on a Zoom call starting at 4 p.m. ET today.

A little insider tip: This strategy is a unique way to capitalize on market volatility and give you the chance to target what’s working within the current market — because investors are making money out there.

You should also know that it involves short-term trading. It’s definitely not for everyone. It requires a little more discipline … and keeping an eye on the market more than the 60/40 proponents would suggest.

But make no mistake… This method makes serious money.

Just look at the two-day gains of 19%, 35% and 58% Adam found in the last month…

And those are on the low end of what Adam’s achieved since he opened up access to this strategy in 2021.

Other top-performers include gains of 88%, 192% and 262%...

Again, all made in just TWO days.

If you’re bold enough to try out Adaptive Investing in your own brokerage account in 2023, you definitely don’t want to miss what Adam has to say.

By the time you’re reading this, we may have already gone live.

To join us, just click here.

Talk soon,

Matt Clark's Signature
Matt Clark, CMSA®
Chief Research Analyst, Money & Markets

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