3 Reasons Uranium Stocks Will Rocket Higher

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It's sent the share prices of uranium stocks up in a

There are several reasons uranium stocks are poised to take off…

First, Europe kicked off the year by declaring that nuclear power is "environmentally sustainable". That means it will be eligible for billions of dollars in clean energy subsidies.

Here in the US… a new type of reactor is set to be built in Wyoming. In January, we learned that the US is partnering with Bill Gates and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency to build it.

Even better, the Department of Energy just took the first steps toward producing more uranium fuel right here in the United States. It's about time, as we were over 90% reliant on foreign countries for our uranium.

And speaking of that…

Perhaps the most significant driver of uranium stock gains so far in 2022 has been the chaos that erupted in Kazakhstan, which supplies the bulk of the world's uranium.

In the first week of the new year there were massive protests, the president's house was set on fire, and the government resigned.

It's left the world wondering where all that clean uranium is going to come.

And it's sent the share prices of uranium stocks up in a frenzy.

It's all part of the uranium cycle that has been playing out.

We have been loading up on one company we think will make lots of individual investors millionaires.

It has an approved uranium project here in the U.S.

And its shares are poised to turn a few hundred bucks into a fortune as this nuclear pandemonium plays out.

Call it like you see it,


Nick Hodge
Founder, Digest Publishing

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