4 Most Important Factors for Investing Success

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What is going to happen next?

Psychology and Risk Management Come First

1. Make Asset Allocation Decision

The first and most important decision is how much to allocate to the stock market. Yet this is rarely done. Most people just blindly allocate a set amount of money to the market and leave it. For example, you may allocation $100,000 for stock investing and hope for the best. This year, that would have cost you plenty but 2020 would have made you a lot. But making the decision to not invest in the stock market this year would have made you a lot of money. So people need to make this decision first.

2. Sector Analysis

Give the economy, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and other factors, which sectors will do well right now? Once again, this is a decision that is largely left to chance yet it is the second most important decision for stock investing success. Each year there are some sectors that create the most amount of profit for investors. This year you would have thought the stock market was in a bull market if you only looked at energy but thought the stock market was in a major depression if you looked only at certain high tech sectors or crypto stocks.Yet, once again pretty much everybody ignores this factor.

3. Stock Selection

We are now at the third most important factor and we are finally starting to see the majority of investors doing this. They try to do it well but most amateur and even professionals underperform the market with their stock picks. A big reason is that they didn't do the first two forms of analysis at all or very poorly.

4. Timing of entry and exit

A lot of investors do this but, once againg, poorly. They use technical analysis that is not proven profitable but because it sounds good or the guru sounds good.The interesting thing is that if they did a good job on the previous three items, then this item becones not that important!

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Words Of Wisdom

Anaconda opened at 298 and went up to 302 3/4 but pretty soon it began to fade away. . . . I made up my mind that if Anaconda went back to 301 it was a fake movement. On a legitimate advance the price should have gone to 310 without stopping. If instead it reacted it meant that precedents had failed me and I was wrong; and the only thing to do when a man is wrong is to be right by ceasing to be wrong.

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