A MASSIVE Divergence Is Forming in Stocks

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Dear Loyal Reader,

The labor department has been keeping records of employment since 1939.

As bad as 2022 was for the stock market, you might think that employers weren’t hiring that much.

Or at least, not a ton…

Well, prepare to be shocked.

2022 was literally the second-best year for the job market in almost a century.

Which makes this next piece of news even more surprising.

The tech sector didn’t hire, but FIRED seven times more people than it did a year before.

Layoffs were up 649% year over year.

Just think about some of the news we’ve seen over the past quarter.

Amazon is cutting 18,000 people. Salesforce is cutting about 8,000.

Vimeo is laying off 11% of its staff. Stitch Fix is cutting another 20% after firing 15% last year.

So with all these companies looking to cut massive chunks from their workforce, what do you think their earnings reports are going to look like when companies start reporting next week?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

This is exactly why Mike asked everyone to meet him yesterday so he could share his best ideas before the next wave of the “Silicon Shakeout” begins.

Mike says investors aren’t prepared for how much lower some of these stocks can still go.

According to Mike, Apple could still drop TWICE as far as it has already.

Tesla could lose up to 90% of its share price.

And Meta could literally go BANKRUPT. If stocks could trade below $0, Mike says it would drop to negative $81.

But there are three ideas Mike likes even better than these.

Mike predicts these three trades could rise as much as 442%, 564% and 824% by this summer, unlike anything we’ve seen to date.

Mike recorded yesterday’s meeting, and you can catch a replay of it here. I recommend you do this now before earnings season ignites the second wave of the Silicon Shakeout.

Click here if you are unable to see the image.


Charles Sizemore
Chief Income and Growth Specialist, Banyan Hill Publishing


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