Bernie Sanders: “Don’t let us freeze” (Yikes). | 21 January

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Food Market Crisis

Here is an interesting offer from our partners:


On Tuesday, November 29, a gaggle of New England progressive senators dropped their silly environmentalist act and started to BEG...

Don't let us freeze this winter!

Democrat Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Vermont's Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy, and Angus King of Maine...

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They all requested an emergency meeting with Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm... along with New England's governors... and utility officials...

"We ask that you work with federal, regional, state and local stakeholders to identify actions available to prevent energy disruption during the coldest months of the year," the senators pleaded.

There's only one problem.

All available natural gas is on its way to Europe:

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So, when large parts of New England go dark and freeze this winter, you can bet these senators and their cronies will change their tune (again) and call it a shocking natural disaster.

Or they'll say it was because Russia invaded Ukraine.

But cities don't go dark and freeze in the wealthiest country in the world by accident.

My name is Porter Stansberry. I'm the founder of one of the world's largest financial research firms.

I've spent the last two years researching this coming crisis. I've been writing about it in my newsletter, The Big Secret on Wall Street, since June...

And now that this crisis is set to unfold, exactly the way I've been predicting, I've uploaded an eye-opening video that tells the whole sordid tale. I name names in it. And I reveal who caused this crisis, and why...

Do yourself a favor. Before it's taken offline - which could happen at any time - check out this shocking video.

I've seen in the past just how far powerful people will go to silence me.

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