Bigger than AAPL in 2016?

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Here is an interesting offer from our partners:


If there's a bigger money maker in the market right now, I haven't seen it. 

Look at this picture:

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This is an armada of ships full of liquefied natural gas (LNG) headed to western Europe.

It's the modern-day energy equivalent of the calvary and a new record for this time of year...

Natural gas is what's used to power electrical grids and heat homes in the winter. After Russia, the U.S. has the most.

This is why the world's best investor - Warren Buffett - has been buying certain oil and gas stocks like never before. In fact, these investments during the first half of 2022 are the biggest investments he's ever made.

Just how big?

Well, Buffett's total cost basis for Coca-Cola was $1.3 billion. And he started buying Apple in 2016 and bought $6.7 billion that year. Coca-Cola and Apple are right at the top of his signature stock picks and best performers.

His energy investments for the past year? Over $29 billion.

When history's most successful investor makes one of his biggest stock bets over a 12-month period - you know it's time to act...

My name is Porter Stansberry. I'm the founder of one of the world's largest financial research firms. 

This might surprise you. But I don't recommend you buy what Buffett is buying. He can only buy mega-caps. If you're an individual investor, this opportunity is much  bigger.

Now get this: the ONE STOCK my team and I have circled as the best way to play this historic imbalance between energy supply and demand has just about DOUBLED since the start of the year (while the S&P 500 is down over 15%)...

We believe this stock is just getting started. It's got a long, long runway of growth ahead of it. In fact, this company just signed a major deal that will dramatically increase its reserves.

And it's safe to say, not more than 1 investor in 10 has heard of this stock.

Before it doubles again - and before it strikes another deal that could make it the world's next supermajor energy company - you need to see my just-released documentary presentation, Blackout 2023.

...and get shares of this stock into your portfolio before the ships in that picture above make port.


Porter Stansberry
Founder, Porter & Co. 

P.S. Did you know the CEO of New England's largest energy company recently sent a letter to the White House? Eversource CEO Joe Nolan begged Joe Biden to use the federal government's emergency powers to make sure natural gas will be available in New England this winter. 

There's only one problem...

All available natural gas is on its way to Europe! To get the whole story (including my #1 stock for 2023 and beyond) just click here to watch my brand-new documentary presentation, Blackout 2023.

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