Could This $20 Stock Help America Kick Its OPEC Habit

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Hello Reader,

The U.S. government has been feeding people a certain narrative about oil.

They've said that oil is dead....

And that America was reducing its oil needs.

Both of those things couldn't be further from the truth.

Today, Americans are positioned to use more oil in 2022 than they did in 2020....

And 35% of U.S. oil is still coming from foreign powers.

Which - to be blunt - is a national security disaster. 

Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine has shown the American public exactly how dangerous it is to rely on a foreign power for our energy.

Politicians... they're floundering.

They're now investing billions of dollars into EVs... hoping that they will be what weans America off of its oil dependence.

But I don't think that's true.

At least, not the way the EV industry is structured now.

Today, EVs rely on lithium-ion batteries... which are dangerous, expensive, and inefficient.

Mark my words, lithium-ion-powered cars will never outperform gasoline-powered vehicles. 

If the American government really wants EVs to be a solution... there needs to be better battery technology.

Which is what I want to talk with you about today.

You see, I think EVs are going to go mainstream as well - but not for the same reason as the American government.

I believe EVs are about to break out thanks to a new "super battery" tech.

One that will allow an electric vehicle to travel 1,000 miles on a single charge...

And charge in as little as 2 minutes...

I predict this kind of technology is going to rewrite the entire EV industry.

Which is why many tech titans are rushing to get a stake...

Jeff Bezos.... Richard Branson.... Bill Gates... they've all invested in this new battery technology.

And today, I want to show you how to get in while this technology is still in its early stages.

Why should you listen to me?

Well, I've been helping folks navigate emerging industries for nearly 40 years...

I called Apple at 37 cents...

Oracle at 51 cents...

And Microsoft at 38 cents...

And today, I believe that this battery tech is going to supercharge the EV industry - and finally push it mainstream.

You can't afford to not have a stake in this tech.

Just click here to learn more.
Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier
Senior Investment Analyst, InvestorPlace

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