Data Scientist: 99% of Investors Make These 2 Killer Mistakes

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Dear Loyal Reader,

Keith Kaplan here.

I spent my career as a data scientist and a computer programmer … but there’s also one other “hat” I wore for decades I think a lot of folks can identify with…

“World’s worst investor.”

At least that’s what I considered myself to be.

I seemed to constantly buy a well-performing stock when it peaked (missing out on all the gains) … or hold on to a losing stock for too long (losing any gains I was lucky enough to get).

That is until I decided to use computers to invest, rather than relying on my gut.

You see, I went to work for one of the world’s largest financial data analytics companies and started helping them develop a system to time stocks with incredible accuracy … getting in and out at the right time.

Today, I head up the company and over the years, my team and I have spent $18 million and over 50,000 developing this system.

To develop it we analyzed hundreds of thousands of stocks and (with their permission) thousands of investors’ portfolios.

And in looking at folks’ portfolios we noticed a pattern … nearly everyone was making the same two mistakes…

One of them was not getting in and out of stocks at the right time — something I used to be guilty of.

That wasn’t terribly surprising.

But, what was surprising was a second big mistake we noticed folks were making. It was absolutely killing their returns. (Many were leaving hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on the table.)

And it’s something that can be fixed with just the few clicks of a button.

On Tuesday, January 24 at 8 p.m. Eastern, I’m going to be sitting down with legendary investor Ian King for a special event to explain what this second big mistake is and how to correct it.

We’re also going to go over all the details behind my system and how it can “boost” the gains of any stock on the market 3X, 4X, even 10X.

The event is called The 1,000% Project and it’s FREE to attend.

You just have to register in advance.

To sign up, simply go here.


Keith Kaplan


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