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Dear Reader,

Did you catch my recent interview on Fox Business?

Interview on Fox Business

On the air, I shared a prediction that's already playing out in the markets, right now.

I said the Fed wouldn't raise rates as much as most in the mainstream media expect.

And so far, I'm right.

Later in the segment, Fox host Charles Payne asked me:

"What's happening that most people might be missing... that you really want people to know?"

I only had a few seconds to answer on the show, so I've recently decided to record another, more in-depth interview to show viewers exactly what people are missing in today's markets.

In it, I also made a big new prediction about what the Federal Reserve will likely do next... and what Americans can do to ensure their financial future is protected.

Go here to see the entire interview.
Go here to see the entire interview.


Nomi Prins
Editor, Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins

P.S. The message I'm sharing today is completely different from anything you'll see in the mainstream media. Nobody is talking about why record highs on Wall Street don't translate to wealth on Main Street.

Find out why everyday Americans are falling further and further behind, right here.

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