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"Well, crypto is not dead."

Karim Rahemtulla, Head Fundamental Tactician, Monument Traders Alliance

Karim Rahemtulla

Over a year ago, I told my readers that Bitcoin was poised to fall.

It did - in a BIG way.

Over 54% from the time I made the call.

But, had I played it another way, the percentage gains from crypto's collapse could have been measured in the thousands.

I don't care much for crypto.

But others do.

In fact, many are madly in love with it... still.

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This NEW Electric Vehicle Stock Could Help Fund Your Retirement

Its car is faster than super-cars like Ferrari's F8, McLaren's 720S and Porsche's 911 Turbo.

Yet it's 100% electric.

Discover the new $25 startup that could be the next EV giant.


Great Value, Even Better Dividends

Great Value and Even Better Dividends

Big SPX Move + 2 Trade Setups

Big SPX Move + 2 Trade Setups

A Paper Figure Surrounded by News Headlines

Negativity Sells... Listen to the Truth

A Padlock Around a Bundle of Money

Lock In These Higher Yields Now!

This Could Be the Perfect Electric Vehicle... Stock?

  • 1,080-horsepower engine
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  • Longest range in the world

Yet few people have heard of the startup that created it! Find out why its stock could help fund your retirement starting today.


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