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Here is an interesting offer from our partners:

Hello Reader,

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has exposed a terrible truth...

America cannot afford to rely on foreign powers to meet its energy needs.

But how do we break away?

In 2022, 35% of our energy needs were still being met by foreign powers. How are we going to bring those energy commitments back home?

Well, today, I want to tell you about one solution. 

You see, a new "super battery" tech just hit the market...

A battery so powerful that it could allow an electric vehicle to charge in as little as 2 minutes...

And travel up to 1,000 miles on that single charge.

This battery tech is being praised as an "EV game changer."

And the "death blow to lithium-ion batteries."

And you can still get in before it goes mainstream.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Louis Navellier.

I've been helping people find breakout tech opportunities for nearly 30 years.

I told people to buy Apple at $1.49...

Microsoft at 38 cents...

And Oracle at 51 cents....

My track record has helped me develop a loyal following... folks who trust me to let them know about the real opportunities before Wall Street.

And today, I believe that this new "super battery" tech is one such opportunity. 

And I want to make sure you learn how to get your stake.

That's why I recently went on camera to talk about this opportunity... even revealing a $20 company working with this tech.

Just click here to learn more now.


Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier
Senior Investment Analyst, InvestorPlace

This ad is sent on behalf of InvestorPlace at 1125 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. If you're not interested in this opportunity, please click here and remove yourself from these offers.

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