Find Profit No Matter What the Market Is Doing

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Find Profit No Matter What the Market Is Doing

Dear Loyal Reader,

I started my financial journey some years ago with Money & Markets.

For more than 25 years before joining the team, I was a journalist, covering everything from business to politics to sports.

But I was tired of the rat race of journalism … it wasn’t the same profession I joined years ago.

The skills I used as a journalist came in handy when I started in the world of finance … especially the tenet of “question everything.”

So, when Adam O’Dell introduced me to his Stock Power Ratings system, that’s what I did … I questioned it.

What I found astonished me.

It works!

You see, the Stock Power Ratings system rates thousands of stocks based on six different factors: value, quality, growth, momentum, size and volatility … the important factors big-time investors use to evaluate stocks.

It takes the emotion out of investing and brings a systematic approach to find profits

I was surprised that Adam was willing to share this powerful tool for FREE at Money & Markets.

Now, it powers all of my research … which I share every day in Stock Power Daily.

I use the system to find stocks that can help you profit in any market condition … and to locate stocks you want to stay away from.

And you can use this amazing system yourself … for free … at Money & Markets.

Visit www.MoneyandMarkets.com, click the big button you see below, and type any company name or ticker symbol into the search bar that pops up:

Click here if you are unable to see the image.

Click on the company name, and you’ll see its overall stock rating and how it scores on the six individual factors!

If you have a question for me or anyone else on the Money & Markets team, reach out to StockPower@MoneyandMarkets.com. Our top-notch customer service team will pass your questions on — reader feedback motivates every decision we make. We’d love to hear from you!

Make sure you head over to Money & Markets right now and start on your path to find profit in any market condition.

Safe trading,

Matt Clark, CMSA®
Research Analyst, Money & Markets


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