Fwd: Warren/Markey will beg “Don’t watch this”. | 14 January

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2022 Meltdown

Here is an interesting offer from our partners:

Dear Reader -- 

My name is Porter Stansberry. I'm the founder of one of the world's largest financial research firms.

I've got an urgent warning I need to share with you.

A lot of powerful people would rather this exposé never see the light of day.

I'm talking about the likes of United States Senators, Attorneys General, and Governors:

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Chances are, they'll try to have it scrubbed from the Internet. That's because it tells the true (and terrifying) story of an attack on America from within.

I've spent the last two years researching this story

Now I'm prepared to reveal my findings. And show you exactly who caused New England's energy crisis that's been making headlines... and why... 

New England's energy crisis that's been making headlines
Do yourself a favor. Before it's taken offline - which could happen at any time - check out this shocking video.

I name names in this presentation.

Which include the U.S. senators from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.  

And I've seen in the past just how far powerful people will go to silence me.

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