Inside GM’s New $30k EV Truck [photo]

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Inside GM’s New $30k EV Truck [photo] 

By Jon Lewis
Sunday, January 22, 2023


That’s how much General Motors’ (NYSE: GM) new EV truck is expected to cost.

Will it be the effort that dethrones Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) dominance in the EV space?

I doubt it – especially considering that Elon Musk is about to implement THIS.

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Like most automakers… GM is going all in on EVs.

And it seems they’re contemplating releasing a compact electric pick that is DRAMATICALLY cheaper than their other EV truck (the Silverado EV).


The Chevy Silverado EV is already in the works.

The problem is that it can set you back as far as $100k.

So GM seems to be working on a cheaper option that could cost $30k.

But in my view, this is yet another carmaker playing catch up in the EV race.

A race Elon Musk will probably continue to dominate with his Secret Master Plan 3.0

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I’ve been telling folks about this new Master Plan for months now.

And the reason is simple.

His two previous plans—Master Plans 1 and 2—proved to be DEADLY ACCURATE in predicting the future in the EV space…

… while also giving early investors a fantastic chance to make between 1,766% and 24,017% gains.

The thing is…

The profit opportunity is completely different this time with Master Plan 3.0

And if you know how to position yourself the RIGHT way…

You could make out like a bandit with 1,766% gains – even if Tesla stock drops like a rock.

Why am I so sure?

Because for the past few months…

I’ve gone through everything Musk has said since March, which is the day he announced he was working on Master Plan 3.

I’m talking about Twitter conversations, his battery-day presentations, memos from Tesla’s all-staff meetings, conference-call transcripts…

You name it.

All because I wanted to discover the BEST ways to profit from his new master plan.

And after more than 200 hours of extensive research…

I’ve put the puzzle pieces together and seen exactly HOW Tesla plans to secure its dominance of the EV market for the next years – just as it did twice right after Master Plans 1 & 2.

And most importantly…

I’ve also uncovered the stocks that could double because of Master Plan 3.0.

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Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt
Ian Wyatt


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