Permanently Distorted Gas Prices?? | 11 January

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Market Collapsing

Here is an interesting offer from our partners:

Dear Reader,

What in the world is happening?

Record high gas prices... runaway inflation...

And I just discovered companies like Exxon, BP, and Shell are planning the unthinkable.

Getting out of the oil business now of all times!

Exxon's considering selling off a $5 BILLION piece of property in North Dakota. Right in the midst of record prices

Exxon Reportedly Weighing $5 Billion Sole Of Assets In North Dakota's Bakken

BP has gone even more drastic... abandoning a $25 billion piece of property with oil rights.

And now gas stations are deciding whether or not to even keep gasoline in stock......

To prove it to you... I traveled to the first gas station in America no longer offering gasoline.

As you'll discover... This could spread to 500,000 fueling stations across America... and soon millions across the world.

Click here to see what's REALLY happening, at the first gas station in America to run dry.


Nomi Prins
Editor, Rogue Economics

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