“The road to hell for America” warns JP Morgan. | 23 January

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Here is an interesting offer from our partners:

Brilliantly evil...

I can't think of any other way to describe these two men.

Together, they are engineering the most insidious power grab ever experienced on American soil, including what JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon calls: "The road to hell for America."

While I don't see eye to eye with Dimon on everything, I do agree this power grab could devastate our economy... and millions of retirement portfolios along with it.

Because you see, to these two men, the desolation their crusade will cause to you - and your wealth - is nothing more than collateral damage...

Say what we will about Washington's bureaucrats, but at least they're elected.

Yet, as I write this message to you, these two unelected men are using their combined financial clout and media influence to wage a private war...

To squeeze the life out of America's free markets...

And, I believe, to end capitalism as we know it.

Now, I'm fully aware of how dramatic this may sound at first. But the influence these two men wield in America's corridors of power is unprecedented.

They control over $10 trillion in assets (approximately 33X George Soros' fund)... employ some 2,300 journalists in 72 countries... and "own a piece" of just about every Wall Street trader's desk.

This is why I am writing to you today...

If you are an independent investor, now is the time to protect yourself.

In fact, after poring over this disturbing story for the past few months, my team and I see only ONE remaining option to protect (and potentially multiply) your money from here.

At the very least, I would urge you to listen to the entire story and then decide for yourself whether you believe action is needed or not.

To hear my full uncensored take on what's happening under our noses...

Including the names of these two men...

Click the PLAY button below.
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Porter Stansberry

P.S. Remember, when I first warned of the 2008 housing crash, the implosion of Freddie Mac, or the demise of General Electric and  General Motors... nobody believed me.

But these were inevitable conclusions for anyone who looked at the numbers.

Well, once again, the numbers tell me we are at a point of no return.

Once again, people will call me crazy.

And, once again, I believe any investor who listens to what I say will be thankful they did.

Because, while getting to the bottom of this story, my analysts and I uncovered a buried investment opportunity. If we're right, it could potentially 10x your money in the coming years.

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