The Trillion Dollar Sector – No One Knows About

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The Trillion Dollar Sector - No One Knows About

Carbon credits will be a MAJOR headline in the next 15 years.
In 2021, the voluntary carbon market was $2 Billion.
By 2037, Bloomberg predicts it can reach $1 Trillion.
Sure, knowing the sector is likely to be the next big thing is great
But you might be more interested in knowing what companies to rocket to the top of your due diligence list.
There are few direct investment opportunities right now in carbon. Especially pure-plays.
DevvStream (DESG) is one of the first out the gate, with a focus on the biggest market segment - Tech-Based projects.
80% of credits heading into 2050 will be tech-based.
DevvStream is now public on the NEO exchange. They are laying a solid foundation to capture markets share FAST via their "streaming" model.
Get more info on DESG (including their investor deck) HERE

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