URGENT: If you own Tesla shares... read this now.

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Hello Reader,

If you believe that EVs are the future... you need to read this.

Today one of America's most iconic tech investors...

A man who found a dozen 10,000% winners...

Is stepping forward with an urgent warning about the EV market.

And it's a message you can't afford to miss.

I'd like to introduce you to Louis Navellier.

Now, Louis built his reputation in the 1990s, when he helped folks find breakout technology companies...while they were trading for pennies.

That included Apple at $1.49....

Oracle at .51 cents...

And Microsoft at .38 cents.

Calls like those won Louis praise from multiple major  media outlets... including The Wall Street Journal.

But now Louis is stepping forward with a warning about the EV market.

A warning so important, he isn't waiting for any of the big media networks.

Just click here to hear his urgent alert today.


Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt
CEO, InvestorPlace

This ad is sent on behalf of InvestorPlace at 1125 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. If you're not interested in this opportunity, please click here and remove yourself from these offers.

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