[Warning] Cash holders are in grave danger

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We have a message from Louis Navellier at InvestorPlace. The message that Louis relayed to his readers is very interesting, and we wanted to share it with you.

- Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher

[Warning] Cash Holders Are in Grave Danger

Dear Reader,

There is no time for introductions.

If you're holding cash right now, you may feel like you're bypassing all of the financial chaos...

But in actuality, you've become the primary target.

You've fallen prey to the richest individuals in the world... the top 1%.

How do I know this?

Because I'm one of them.

I live in a beach front paradise... home to around 44 billionaires and 71,000 millionaires.

In fact, Larry Ellison just moved into my neighborhood (the fifth richest man in the world).

I rub shoulders with these people... I see the influence money has on the mainstream media... Wall Street... big banks... and the government.

That's why, today, I come to you not as a member of the top one percent...

In fact, I've severed ties with them and put my reputation on the line to tell you something you won't hear from anyone else in my position.

That's why I created this short video for your eyes only... detailing exactly what's going on behind the scenes and the simple steps you can take to get off the radar of the top 1%... even give you the chance to invest alongside them.

My publisher could take down this video at any time, so please...

Click here to watch it while you still can.

Louis Navellier Signature

Louis Navellier
Senior Quantitative Analyst, InvestorPlace


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