What to Do About the Death of Cash

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What to Do About the Death of Cash


Look at What Biden Is Up to Now!

I Did That Inflation Rate

You have every right to be upset at the politicians who got us into this mess.

Money printing always ends in disaster.

That's why the senior-most Dealmaker for the U.K.'s Department of International Trade flew to the U.S. to deliver a critical message.

To see what he said, click here.

Amanda Heckman

Amanda Heckman
Editorial Director

Damned if you do... damned if you don't.

At least where a digital dollar is concerned.

Either way, ordinary Americans need a way to protect their wealth... because what's coming won't be pretty.

[Those who act BEFORE February 3 could collect regular income plus the chance at MASSIVE returns with one $3 asset. Click here for the URGENT briefing.]

The nonprofit Digital Dollar Project - a big proponent of a central bank digital currency, or CBDC - is urging the U.S. to get moving on a digital dollar. The group is tired of the government's plodding pace on the issue. Don't let other nations be first, they plead. It could hurt the dollar's standing as the de facto global currency for trade and banking...

Which could in turn crush the dollar's value... and make it barely worth the paper it's printed on. Today's inflation would seem like child's play.

But the flip side - the adoption of a CBDC - has its own serious problems... for our individual safety, security and wealth.

The idea that the government could keep tabs on how, when and where we spend our money... reward or penalize us a la China's social credit system... and create or destroy our currency on a whim... should scare any Liberty-loving American.

Because the truth is... despite the government's slow crawl toward a CBDC, certain folks in charge understand that there'd be an economic crisis if we didn't join what's being called "a new digital assets space race." That's why the government is testing cross-border digital payments in a program called Project Cedar.

And as is the case with so many government projects... once it was started, there was no stopping or turning back.

The digital dollar is coming. It's just a question of how long it will take our "leaders" to get it going... and how much their feet-dragging will damage our standing around the globe.

No matter what, it's gonna hurt.

Manward readers get it.

They flooded our mailbag with responses to Andy's essay last week on how the FTX disaster is pushing us ever closer to a digital currency...

I could not agree with you more on this topic. To me there is no question the control freaks in Washington want exactly that [a digital dollar]. The objective will be to find a way around it. - Reader D.M.

I've been reading about this coming for a while, but I don't see any recommendations for what to do about it. Is there any way to avoid what is coming??? - Reader B.T.


Fortunately, it's very simple.


Bill O'Reilly reports on "the next great medical breakthrough of the decade."

Green and O'Reilly

The Gates Foundation, Fidelity and Elon Musk are going all-in on...

A new development that "will change healthcare forever" (according to Inc. magazine).

Click here for more on Bill O'Reilly's special report on "the next great medical breakthrough."


Buy gold. And now's the PERFECT time.

Gold is most often seen as a store of value and a form of portfolio insurance - it held steady in 2022, gaining 4% in a year the markets ended down double digits. And in addition to protecting you from market volatility and inflation... it is also your best defense against threats to your privacy... and the dangerous move to a digital currency.

And right now, it will not just safeguard your money and your privacy but also create more wealth for you.

Gold's off to a hot start in 2023. It's already up 6% this year and has risen 18% in the past three months.

Gold price per ounce

View larger image

Gold loves uncertainty, and we're in for a lot of that this year. The battle over inflation... anxiety over where interest rates are headed... conflicting economic data... worries about whether a recession will hit... you name it.

It's going to be a big year for the shiny metal as folks look for places to keep their money safe.

But more than that... investors would be wise to take advantage of gold's bullish run to prepare for the coming digital dollar.

But you don't have to stock up on gold bars. There's a new way to own gold that you may not know about. It's an ingenious way to actually use gold to buy everyday items. All the details are here.


URGENT: Safe Stocks Help Rescue Americans From Market Storm


Almost everyone is getting PUMMELED by this market... almost everyone.

One group of stocks has "generated returns of almost 30% so far this year," according to Financial Times and Bloomberg. (Hint: It's not gold or energy stocks.)

Click here to get all the details.


Davos Goes Nuclear


Last week, we told you why it's uranium's time to shine.

And now filmmaker Oliver Stone has sent a plea to the power brokers in Davos in the form of a new documentary. The film takes green energy zealots to task for ignoring nuclear energy. And the elites at Davos were eager to see it, with reports that the viewing room was so crowded that some attendees had to sit on the floor. Keep an eye on uranium. The clean energy conversation is getting interesting.

What Joel's Reading

Small Is Beautiful

In this week's essay, Joel shared insight from the book Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered. As Joel wrote..."As an economist, [Schumacher] understood the importance of balancing accounting books. But he saw the tension between income and expenses - or assets and liabilities - as having applications that went beyond business and finance." And in his usual brilliant way, Joel applied that tension to the current crisis over egg prices. Read his essay here.

Stock of the Week


When the headlines are talking about one thing... it's usually something else that's making money. That's why Alpesh has a contrarian pick for this week's Stock of the Week. It's a consumer play that is flying under the radar... has solid fundamentals... and, even better, has one of the best CROCI scores in the markets today. Plus, analysts have overestimated the downside for this stock. Alpesh is convinced that the bottom is in and that this one is ready to pop. Get all the details on the stock - including the ticker - in this week's video.

Click here or on the image below to watch it.

Video - A Contrarian Consumer Stock for 2023

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Amanda Heckman | Editorial Director

Amanda Heckman is the editorial director of Manward Press. With unrivaled meticulousness, she has spent the past dozen or so years sharpening Andy's already razorlike wit... and has worked with numerous bestselling authors and award-winning financial gurus along the way.


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