Why is GM Investing $1 Billion in This?

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GM claims it's "all in" on EV production. Then why did the company just announce a $1 billion investment in V-8 engines?

Why is GM Investing $1 Billion in This? 

By Ian Wyatt
Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Despite saying that it’s going “all in on EVs”…


General Motors (NYSE: GM) just announced it will invest $1 billion to produce V-8 engines and only 10% of that investment is going towards EVs.


This only makes it HARDER for GM to catch up in the EV race.


A race that Elon Musk is not only winning by leaps and bounds…


But will probably continue to do so when he rolls out THIS.


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Last September…


GM’s CEO Mary Barra said that “we want to provide EVs for everyone.”


And the automaker has given a considerable amount of effort towards that goal.


The problem?


Less than 2% of its sales come from EVs.


And now they just announced a $1 billion investment in four facilities for “V-8 engine production.


Well… V-8 engines will NOT help to increase that 2% number of EV sales.


Meanwhile, Tesla is light years ahead of GM in the EV race…


And that gap is probably going to be even bigger when Elon Musk rolls out his new Master Plan 3.0.


This new Master Plan is probably going make Tesla’s dominance even stronger…


While also giving investors the opportunity to make up to 24,017% gains.


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Now, as you may know…


I’ve been urging folks to pay a lot of attention to Musk’s new plan for Tesla.


And the reason is simple.


His two previous plans—Master Plans 1 and 2—proved to be DEADLY ACCURATE in predicting the future in the EV space…


… while also giving early investors a fantastic chance to make between 1,766% and 24,017% gains.


That’s enough to turn $5k into $88,300 and even $1,200,850.


Will investors be able to make the same gains again with Master Plan 3?


Frankly, I don’t know.


But what I do know is this…


Musk has pulled off his two previous Master Plans with incredible accuracy – so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did it again.


Moreover, unlike his two previous Master Plans where the profit play was just to invest in Tesla and that’s it…


… a small group of undiscovered stocks are giving investors the chance to see 1,766% gains, or possibly even more.




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Yours in Wealth,


Ian Wyatt



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