Why “Smart Money” left the traditional markets

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It's no secret the past year has shown us supply chain problems, pandemic concerns, rising interest rates, fuel prices, and global inflation

Joseph Carlsmith, research analyst at the Open Philanthropy Project…

Confirmed Musk's worst fears.

Carlsmith wrote that non-human AI agents will soon be…

"In an adversarial relationship with humans who don't want them to succeed."

A battle for power between humans and AI might be coming.

But what the elites are doing to control the rest of us now — in some cases using AI technology — is even worse.

  • Your money is no longer safe.
  • Your livelihood is in danger.
  • And what they plan next is unthinkable… but true.

I explain everything in my new documentary…

America's Last Stand.

Because there's no time to waste.

You either prepare now to fight back and win…Or get blindsided like everyone else.

The choice is yours.

My documentary reveals what they don't want you to know.

Watch it now!


Bryce Paul | Crypto Revolution


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