You Don’t Need Another Trading Technique, You Need This

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You can just see them in the audience when I give speeches. They are hanging on every word of mine. They are looking for the Magic Bullet that will hand them money in a wheelbarrow. No, not a wheelbarrow, an armored car.

They want another techniques because all the other ones they have didn't work.

I actually doubt that.

I think there are many techniques out there that make money. Many.

But people will learn a technique and then lose money. What's missing? Why don't they make money if the technique is profitable?

Often the problem is money management. They are weighting their trades wrong.

Sometimes they are Overtrading and getting into trouble.

But perhaps the most important problem is that they don't have any wisdom about trading. The stark reality is that wisdom comes from experience or mentors who have experience.

How many traders will spend 10-20 years trading and losing money to gain the experience to have wisdom? Right. None.

How many traders will find a mentor who has the experience to have wisdom? Almost impossible to find and probably very very expensive.

I saw this problem and decided to correct it.

I have just published my 12th book, Viewpoints of a Trader. I have tried in this book to impart the wisdom about trading I have acquired in 50 years of profitable trading.

The book is not long. In fact it is short. I have distilled and distilled to just the essence of what you need to know.

Sometimes the book feels too simple. True. But wisdom is simple. The key is not to throw it out because it is simple but to study it even more.

The book is over 90 chapters of distilled wisdom.

The book covers all the things all those other books leave out!

Click here to learn more and order.

It will jump start the wisdom you need to be a profitable trader.

Good wise trading,

Courtney Smith


Wealthbuilder LLC
6671 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
United States
(310) 579-2965

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