Banking Regulator Warns Americans to Pay Attention THIS Friday | 9 February

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Here is an interesting offer from our partners:

Concerned American,

If it feels like you're working harder than ever, saving more... AND GETTING LESS.

If it feels like no matter how well your investments do, you're falling further and further behind...

I've got some news for you...

Trust your instincts.

You're absolutely right.

Which is why I'm urging all Americans to get ready for Friday, July 15th.

Most Americans don't know the REAL REASON things have gotten so warped in America...

They don't know why the system is working great for a select few...

But is a complete disaster for everyone else.

Most don't know how this Friday, July 15th  could be a major turning point for your financial future.

I'm in a unique position to know why...

Hi, my name is Louis Navellier.

42 years ago I was a federal banking regulator.

I saw from the inside how the government corrupted the value of our money...

I saw how it destroyed the little guy... and made the rich richer.

I learned why my blue-collar parents worked so hard in the 1970s, but never got ahead.

So I did what any self-respecting, hardworking American would do...

I quit.

With some saved-up cash-and an idea about how the markets really worked...

I started my own investment firm.

Over time, my beliefs about money, hard work, and fiscal responsibility - which my father instilled in me from a young age - were proven correct.

Today, my firm, Navellier & Associates, manages over $2 billion in assets. Some 200 pension and institutional money managers have entrusted us with their money.


I definitely DO NOT believe America's best days are behind us.

That said... as a family man who's spent more than 40 years at the apex of Wall Street...

I definitely DO believe you are 100% responsible for understanding the incredible force creating the large and expanding chasm between the Haves and the Have Nots...

Most Americans are completely unprepared for a new financial event about to make it even worse.

I definitely believe you are 100% responsible for protecting your own family and taking a few simple preparations, especially when they are so cheap and easy to do...

The first step you need to take is mark your calendarfor this Friday, July 15th.

Everything you need to know is in my new video, linked below, free for public view.

Click the "Watch Now" button below to get the full story.

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