Biden’s terrifying new direction | 25 February

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Dear Reader,

I don't like Biden.

I don't respect him.

I don't think he's fit to serve - mentally, physically, or morally.

He treats power as a way to enrich himself and his family, then turns around to grandstand on his "integrity."

However, he does have one, dare I say, "attribute" that I believe explains how he's remained in power for over 50 years. And that's the simple fact that he is utterly devoid of principles, morals, or integrity.

He is a leaf blowing in the wind. He will do anything, say anything, and become anyone in order to gain and maintain his own personal power.

Whatever his handlers tell him to support, he will get behind without a moment's hesitation.

In short: he is a political puppet.

And now his handlers have just pushed him in a shocking new direction...

It's an initiative that was first masterminded by Barack Obama in 2008... and has now been quietly resurrected by Joe Biden... and it's about to have a colossal impact on all Americans.

In fact, it may be the story of 2023.

Yet, almost no one has picked up on it...

Or, identified its political, economic, and financial ramifications.

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But make no mistake, this story could set the course of America's politics, economy, and financial system for the next 50 years or more.

In my new documentary I expose exactly what's going on...

I reveal the shocking changes this Obama policy will usher in... what it means for you, your family, and your finances... and how you can prepare for this new American era.

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