Big Surprises Come in Small... Stocks?

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Forget Fusion... This REAL Nuclear Breakthrough Could Mean 10X Gains

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A real nuclear miracle is about to take Wall Street by surprise...

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Big Surprises Come in Small... Stocks?

Rebecca Barshop, Senior Managing Editor, The Oxford Club

State of the Market video

Investing in small cap companies is not for the faint of heart.

Smaller stocks can deliver very large gains... But many investors have also been burned by small caps that were supposed to be the next big thing and instead were the next big bust.


"My First Impression Was 'You've GOT to Be KIDDING Me!'"
- Bill O'Reilly

Billl O'Reilly Clicks

In this jaw-dropping video clip, Bill O'Reilly hears THE FOUR SHOCKING WORDS that will help SUPERCHARGE AMERICANS' RETIREMENTS in 2022 and beyond...

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Still, small caps are an essential part of any diversified portfolio.

Not only do they belong in your long-term portfolio, but the market is actually set up to see them soar very soon.

Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld gives us all the details in this week's State of the Market.


P.S. If you're ready to get started with small caps and microcaps, I have a message from my colleague Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green.

He's giving away a new recommendation that he believes will soar in 2023.

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