[free] 10 gold stocks averaging 18.31% Gains

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Publicly-traded gold stocks are on a run.

Dear Reader,

Publicly-traded gold stocks are on a run.

And our free 2023 gold portfolio (download here)proves it:


On average, our portfolio is up 18.31% in just under 3 months.

And the trend is only getting started. In 2023 alone, we expect this market to triple in size.

If you want our picks, they're all yours – at no cost whatsoever.

Just click here to download our report.

No frills – these are the only gold stocks you should consider buying as the bull run accelerates.

Gold Playbook

P.S. This gold rally looks quite a bit different than the rest at its 2023 vantage point... Inflation is rampant, the markets are weakening, the conflict in Ukraine continues, and major players are buying up the yellow metal like never before.

Bottom line: It's still early… but you don't want this market to run away from you.

Click here to download our 2023 Gold portfolio, before it's too late.

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